'Boykini' is a relatively new term that is catching on for a certain style of bikini. There are a few popular types of 'boyish' bikinis for girls and they are over-the-top cute... and are becoming over-the-top fashionable too. Boy-style swimwear for ladies has only been a safer fashion in recent years; a few decades ago it was very un-cool for women and girls to wear male clothing, only the 'rebels' did it, but in recent years the lines have blurred and you'll find many girls in mens' sweats, street pants and hip hop pants, mens shirts and jackets and hats, even underwear and almost everything else. It has become 'safe' and cool (and hot) for women to wear mens' clothing... and the final frontier seems to be the bikini.

Nowadays, taking womens' wear and giving it a 'boy look' is everywhere; as I said, the lines are blurring and men are wearing mens' clothing that is often more feminized, while women are wearing womens' clothing that is often more masculinized (I'm assuming those are both real words). I find it fascinating and sexy that you can take a swimsuit that is as skimpy as a bikini, almost no fabric there, and give it an inch of cut-and-shape somewhere, and suddenly it still looks totally feminine, sexy, fashionable... yet boyish and even cuter. Since boyish is all about covering up more and having blockier lines, rather than being skimpy and curvy, I consider this cuteness to be an amazing feat to do with such a tiny bit of swimwear material, surely one of the great wonders of the world, equivalent to the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China and suchlike.

The term boykini is a shortening of the words 'boy cut bikini'. There is some confusion over boy cut bikini and boy short bikini and boy leg bikini, so I'm going to sort that out for you right here and now: the boykini and boy cut bikini are one and the same. It simply means the bikini bottoms can be quite skimpy, even high-cut, but when you square them off a certain way they have the styling of a boyish cut to them. So boykini and boy cut bikini are interchangeable terms.

A boy short bikini, however, means the bikini bottoms have a little lower, longer cut to them, implying they 'come down' a little like shorts. This term is also interchangeable with boy leg bikini, since both terms mean a bikini with a little lower, boyish cut to them, almost a mini shorts or hot shorts but not quite that long.

So to clarify, a boykini or boy cut bikini can be skimpy as you like, it's more the boyish, angled cut of the bikini that matters; with the boy short bikini or boy leg bikini, they're not quite so skimpy, having a little more 'leg' to them than a regular bikini, yet still retaining the boyish cut also. A very tiny difference... but in the fashion world, these microscopic differences are what change the whole look and name of a piece of clothing. 





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